FCE speaking video

FCE speaking video

Thought you would like to see an example of an official speaking exam! Watch this and then comment on who you think is the strongest candidate and if you would answer the questions in a different way.


Next weeks homework

Good Morning! Your homework for next Friday is page 128 in your course book and page 77 and 78 in your workbook. I would also like you to have a look at pages 129 and 130 in your course book. This is a writing exercise for FCE part 2. You have to write an article giving your opinions on: Dealing with graffiti using the adverbs and useful language/ structure provided in your book. Make sure you answer all the questions and organize your article in an appropriate style. If you would like to type this article and send it to me before Friday that would be great. Have a great weekend everyone and see you next Friday!


Hi all! Your homework for next week is in your workbook page 74 and 75 reading and the vocabulary section on page 76. I would also like you to do page 68 and 69 in your workbooks if you haven’t already done so! Have a brilliant weekend and enjoy the good weather!:)



Hi everyone, here are 2 pictures of different animals. After comparing the two photographs, answer this question: In what ways are all animal species valuable to humans and how should they be treated? Would anyone like to post a good introduction like we talked about on Friday??