More online practice actvities

More online practice actvities

Another good website with different fce exercises…especially the listening activities for those of you who find the listening rather difficult. Why not try some of the word formation exercises after yesterdays class and see how many you get right?


2 thoughts on “More online practice actvities

  1. Mikel says:

    I don’t know if someone will read this comment. Two weeks ago I said in class that exists one application for mobilephones to listen conferences. I have been investigating and I have found it. The name of the application is TED TALKS and it is avalaible for Iphone and Android. It is also a web page that contains the same information: In both of them you can choose the language of the subititles or the length of the conference. I think that it can be interesting.

  2. Hi Mikel! Thanks for the information, TED TALKS are great, I was actually at a meeting a few weeks ago and the woman was talking about that. Everyone should have a look! See you Friday.

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