Hello everyone! Another lovely day! The homework for next week is:

course book page 132 and I would also like you to find a newspaper article in English about a crime. I want you to read it and then comment about it here on the blog!! I’m looking forward to hearing some interesting opinions! See you soon 


4 thoughts on “homework

  1. Has anybody read any interesting articles yet?? Come on!!

  2. Mikel says:

    Robbery Suspect Leaves A Clue Behind

    Hemet police caught up with a robbery suspect after he left behind a piece of mail with a local address at Winco Foods in the 4600 block of West Florida Avenue on Thursday, Feb. 28, a police news release states.

    The suspect, identified as Salvador Barnes, fought with a Winco loss prevention worker outside the store, the release state.

    I have searched this funny new on the internet. Maybe is not so funny but the awkward robber has to stay in prison because of that stupid action. The conclusion has to be that when you are going to rob some shop leave the mail at home!

  3. Olatz says:

    Hi everybody!
    This is a crime comitted by another “unlucky” criminal.
    ” Armed robber leaves his mobile phone near scene so cops ring his mum”
    Jason Rochford robbed a building society with a knife targeting a cashier. After fleeing the scene he dumped his clothes and mobile.
    The police found them after a tip-off. They see Jason’s mother’s number in his contacts under “Mam” and they called her. They followed him and discovered the money hidden at his home.
    Jason’s defending told the court his client was under pressure because he was in debt to a criminal. He was terrified of reprisals if he didn’t get the cash.
    That wasn’t his first crime because he had 83 crimes on his record.
    Finally the judge gave him a five-year jail sentence.

  4. Thank you very much for sharing! Both of these stories made me laugh…some robbers really should leave it to the professionals!! Has anybody else got an interesting news story to share??

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