Hello everyone!

Your homework for this week is:

The reading exercise on page 169

transformations practice on page 172

make and do on page 173

prepare for sentence transformation test which is actually from UNITS 11 AND 12!

Have a good week and see you soon



Hello! Hope you had a great weekend everyone! This weeks homework:

pages 156 and 157 in your coursebook

the writing exercise on page 155: letters giving information


Have a good week and see you on Friday!




Hope you all had a lovely weekend! This weeks homework is:

multiple choice cloze p151

workbooks p93, 94 and 95

word formation activity p 155


Have a good week and see you soon.


Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed the glorious sunshine this weekend!:) The homewoek for this Friday is:

the reading activity on page 148 (multiple matching)

workbook pages 92 and 93 (only countable and uncountable nouns exercise)

Have a good week and see you soon.